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On October 30, 2002, Chuncheon National Museum opened to the public, realizing the long-time aspirations of the people of Gangwon-do. The museum is a storehouse for the region's plentiful archaeological and artistic treasures, which range in date from the prehistoric age to modern times, as well as a national facility for conserving, exhibiting, and promoting the exemplary culture of Gangwon. Additionally, it serves as a vital center for academic research and social education.

In 2003, the museum building, designed by Chezinn Lim and Soonku Kong, was selected as the "Best Architecture of the Year" in Korea, and was awarded the Grand Prize from the Korean Institute of Architects. The building is a beautiful cultural space with an elegant and modern exterior that harmonizes perfectly with its serene mountain setting.

The grounds of the museum cover a huge area of 50,777square meters, with the building itself occupying 10,098square meters. The 2,181square meters of exhibition space includes four permanent exhibition galleries and two special exhibition galleries, where over 1,000 representative cultural artifacts from the Gangwon area are exhibited. The museum also has a library, an outdoor performance stage, a lecture room, and a seminar room with simultaneous interpretation facilities. Together, these features make the museum a world-class cultural complex.

Both the exhibits and the conservation facilities of Chuncheon National Museum are equipped with cutting-edge technology. With the help of these tools, the museum is constantly striving to find better, more efficient methods of conservation and exhibition in order to improve the public's engagement with the remarkable cultural properties of Gangwon. In addition, we are actively pursuing various social education programs for the future, aimed at the general public and youth in particular. The museum will continue to do its utmost to provide an open cultural space and a beautiful environment where visitors can learn and experience the amazing history and culture of Gangwon-do.

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  • 관람안내 관련아이콘
  • 관람안내 관련아이콘
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